About Us

Welcome to the unique experience of Rudy's of Lake Ontario Inc. We have been serving Oswego NY and the surrounding communities since 1946. We have become a regional favorite of upstate NY, continuously providing the freshest products available, cooked to order as 'customers' watch. The following are specifics on the products, ingredients, and options available on our menu. All are very important to remember.

"RUDY'S" Homemade Texas Hot Sauce: This is one of our house specialties!

A spicy meat sauce that can be put on anything, and usually is...! Any item topped "HOT" will automatically include Raw Onions, Mustard and the Sauce. (*This should be explained to any customer that seems new, unsure, or questioning...*). All "HOT" orders can be made WITHOUT ANY one ingredient, i.e. "Sauce Only," "Hot N/O," etc. To designate an item "HOT" a "H" is added to the food items code, for example "FH"= Fish Hot, and "FFH(N/M)"= French Fry Hot, No Mustard. TEXAS HOT SAUCE is also available for sale in pint bottles. The sauce may be frozen and should otherwise be kept refrigerated.


Since 1946 our family has been feeding yours the best quality foods and service.
We are a rapid-service Restaurant with an extensive menu!!
Our food is cooked to order and is of the highest quality ingredients.
Our self service dining rooms are small and casual & Our beachfront picnic tables seat 200+.